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Native Mind will identify and evaluate needs to provide culturally and linguistically effective whole person mental health and substance use disorder services in order to facilitate recovery, foster resiliency and to help our members reach their full potential personally, emotionally and spiritually.


A community in which all people achieve their full potential for health and well-being across the lifespan.  We work to be trusted by the clients we serve, and to be a valued partner in the community, and creators of positive change.

Approach to Treatment

  • Staffed by licensed physicians, psychologists, psychotherapists and other qualified mental health professionals. Staff maintains their clinical skills through on-going training and proper supervision.

  • All treatment will be culturally sensitive and based on best practices that are proven to be effective. We are centered in a holistic approach to the recovery of mind, body, and spirit. 

  • Clinical focus on substance abuse, comorbid psychiatric issues, and severe and persistent mental health issues.

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 Substance Abuse Treatment

Individual Therapy 

Group Therapy 

We assist clients in utilizing the tools necessary to remain alcohol and drug-free long-term. We employ strength-based trauma informed therapies to continue to engage our clients in their recovery process. We have peer support staff available for them to connect with while in treatment and for support in building resources in the community. Our trained clinical staff commits themselves to the growth and wellness of our clients. Treatment focuses on wellness at the mental, physical, and spiritual levels. Our addiction treatment process always begins with an assessment and evaluation, where clients will be assessed for their symptoms of withdrawal and undergo a clinical evaluation for any possible co-occurring disorders. 

Our therapists work one-on-one with our clients in a safe, open environment to help them overcome personal obstacles, negative feelings, dysfunctional emotions, low self-esteem, poor coping mechanisms, and other underlying issues that contribute to their substance use disorder and/or associated mental health. Native Mind does not believe that pre-packaged, pre-determined treatment tracks are appropriate or effective when treating substance abuse/mental health. Instead, we take measures to ensure that our therapists have the needed resources and skills to collaborate with clients on individualized, specialized treatment plans that accommodate clients’ unique circumstances, needs, and goals. Our clients and their well-being always come first.  

We believe in the power of group therapy to bring about positive change in the lives of our clients. Facilitated by one or more of our therapists, group therapy sessions can be extremely effective in treating substance use/mental health disorders. A group setting can organically create a support network, and group members often help one another to come up with solutions for issues and hold one another accountable. Sharing with others can help group members put their own circumstances into perspective and boost confidence and self-esteem. Group therapy is also conducive to learning avoidance behaviors. Perhaps most importantly, this sort of interaction can help those overcoming a substance/mental health  disorder to feel less alone and more connected to others in their recovery journey.

Family Therapy 

Moral Reconation Therapy 


Referral to Detox and Residential Treatment Programs 

Addiction affects far more than the person who is addicted. Family therapy helps to heal the bonds between family members, rebuilding the support system that is so vital to the recovery process. Family therapy is meant to improve interpersonal relationships among family members, couples and significant others. The family therapist typically prompts conversations that fortify and improve connections between loved ones. Relationships counseling, regardless of whether its parent-child, spouse-spouse, significant other, is a common denominator within the family therapy venue. Relationships can be difficult and simple day-to-day problems can increase stress or strain within relationships. Other contributing factors include, chronic illness, ineffective communicating skills, infidelity, emotional distancing, trust-mistrust issues and financial issues. Native Mind understands the importance of family and need to incorporate family in the recovery journey.

The term "moral" refers to moral reasoning  based on levels of cognitive reasoning.  The word "reconation" comes from the psychological terms "conative" and "conation," both of which refer to the process of making conscious decisions.  MRT is a cognitive-behavioral treatment system that leads to enhanced moral reasoning, better decision making, and more appropriate behavior. In 2008, MRT was given the status of an “Evidence-Based Program” by SAMHSA. MRT covers a wide-range of treatment issues, Specialized MRT topics are offered by our certified MRT Therapist for substance abuse treatment, DUI/DWI offenders, domestic violence, trauma, anger management, codependency, job readiness, parenting, juveniles, Veterans, repeat offenders and others.

Drug detox is where you’ll begin your journey in some cases. Native Mind has identified programs in Southern Arizona to utilize if needed. Detox is a necessary step in order to safely remove toxins from the body. Under certain circumstances detox can be deadly, so an accredited facility with a great track record is a must. When needed they’ll administer medicines to keep you safe and make withdrawal symptoms as painless as possible. Detox should be a relatively short process, lasting anywhere between four and eight days. From there Native Mind can refer clients to a inpatient program.

Rehab programs can have an incredibly wide range of quality. Native Mind ensures when choosing one, that it has everything you’re looking for in a rehab facility. We never use a cookie cutter; one size fits all approach. All of our referrals and treatment plans are customized for each client. Native Mind will work closely with clients inpatient  therapist and case manager to design a treatment experience that meets clients goals, needs, and circumstances. At Native Mind, we always put the client first. 

Case Management  


Often and understandably, everyday routines and regular goings-on of life are put on hold while an individual is overcoming a mental health or substance use disorder. This may cause undue stress on those who have chosen to seek treatment, which is why each client under Native Mind is assigned a case manager. Our compassionate, experienced case managers— who are part of our holistic, individualized approach to treatment,— work closely with clients to help them to navigate and resolve legal, social, and other issues. This guidance is instrumental in helping clients re-learn the life skills necessary for a seamless transition back into society and long-term health and recovery.

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Felesia MacFarland, MD

Care Philosophy

“My practice has a team philosophy that strives to deliver comprehensive, expert care.”




University of Arizona College of Medicine

Fellowship, 2011


University of Arizona College of Medicine

Residency, Neurology, 2009


Frankford Hospital (Frankford Campus)

Internship, 2006


Howard University College of Medicine

Medical School, 2005

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Cachora R Standifer BSB/M, BHT, MRT

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Care Philosophy

“Cure not Cope.”




Tarrant County Hospital,

Trinity Springs Pavilion,

Psychiatric Services 1990 


Northwest Indian College

Substance Abuse Counseling 2000


University of Phoenix

Bachelors in Business Management 2004


Community Health Associates

BHT, SMI High Needs Case Management, 

MRT Facilitator for Community Re-entry Program 2015 


Envolve People Care (Nursewise)

Tribal Programs Liaison Crisis Network 2016


Native Mind LLC

Tucson, Arizona

Tel: 520-812-7159

Fax: 888-691-1037

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